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Profile: Zia Gifts

New online store offer unique New Mexico gear and gifts.

LAS CRUCES – Local business owners have joined forces to bring a new twist to New Mexico-themed gear and gifts.

Alycia Carrillo and Joshua Jameson, co-owners of D2 Designs, a company that provides a range of marketing services and products, have partnered with Justin Hodges, founder of Party Tenders Inc., an event, festival and marketing group, to form Zia Gifts, an online store that offers unique New Mexico products, including magnets, shirts, koozies, decals, flags and license plates.

“Most gift shops, when you see New Mexico stuff, it’s related to tourism — people coming from out of town and what they think New Mexico is, and it’s geared more towards older people,” Jameson said. “The way I always look at gift shops, it seems like something your grandma would wear or that your great aunt would give you.”

But Zia Gifts is different, Jameson said. With unique T-shirt designs like a skull with the Zia symbol emerging from its head, eyes and mouth, or a Celtic version of the Zia symbol printed onto a koozie, Zia Gifts offers a more modern, stylish take on New Mexico merchandise.

“It’s something that people who live in New Mexico, or who just moved from New Mexico, would really like to wear,” Jameson said.

The fact that Zia Gifts is an online store also makes it easy for people to shop for New Mexico gear and gifts, no matter where they live, Hodges said.

“I have a ton of friends who have all moved on to other markets, but Las Cruces will always be home to them,” Hodges said. “Now that there’s an online store, it’s just one click away.”

Jameson said the website ZiaGifts.com was launched Dec. 2 and that they have already gained a good following on Zia Gifts social media sites.

“We have about 400 followers total between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook — that’s two weeks worth of us being out there,” he said.

As of mid-December, some of Zia Gifts’ first orders were shipped to Utah, North Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Tennessee and California, Carrillo said.

“That tells me this is bigger than we think,” Carrillo said. “Zia Gifts is a local New Mexico business that allows New Mexico Zia lovers from all over to show their love and increase exposure for our beautiful state.”

Jameson said coming up with the designs for the merchandise is a collaborative effort and that much of the inspiration comes from styles that are already trending.

“It’s just seeing what’s out there and what people like to wear, what people are actually wearing and trying to fit that,” he said.

Jameson, who tries to wear a Zia Gifts shirt every time he goes out, said he has already received several compliments on Zia Gifts’ New Mexico version of the Jack Daniels logo T-shirt.

“Last night, I was at Pic Quik and I had three people ask me about it,” he said. “The Jack Daniels logo — it’s very common that people put their own stuff on it and I decided to make one for New Mexico.”

Zia Gifts is also open to taking suggestions for designs from other people, which they can make on through a link on the website, Carrillo said.

“If we think it will be a popular design that will represent our state, we will most likely add it,” she said.

Jameson, who is a Las Cruces native, said he enjoys being able to represent his state and giving others the opportunity to do the same.

“Everyone has that running joke of you go out of state and people say you have a nice accent because they think your Mexican and should speak Spanish,” he said. “Have some love for your state…It’s a beautiful place to be a part of. I love it.”

Zia Gifts is run with the help of Paul Neff, Zia Gifts product photographer, Patrick Montelongo, who handles the social media side of things and screen printer Logan Howard.

Outside of the office

Outside of managing Zia Gifts and D2 Designs, Jameson and Carrillo said they enjoy spending time with their four-year-old son Jordan and exploring the outdoors.

Justin Hodges is working on getting a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management at New Mexico State University and likes to travel, hike or do any kind of adventure activity, he said.

To check out Zia Gifts’ products and keep up with the latest New Mexico designs and merchandise, visit ZiaGifts.com or follow Zia Gifts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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To shop

Visit: ZiaGifts.com

Social Media: Follow Zia Gifts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Products: New Mexico shirts, magnets, koozies, decals, flags and license plates.

Discounts: The first 50 orders placed at ZiaGifts.com are 25 percent off. Offer ends once 50 orders are met.


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